Turkish Visa Requirements (Updated), 13.4.2015


1)Visa submission

·Visa submission: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10 am to 12.30 pm

·Personal Appearance is a must.

·Only 3 visa applications can be submitted at a time except for family applications.

·Group visa applications will only be accepted after appointment. The appointment requests must be sent to our official e-mail address consulate.karachi@mfa.gov.tr at least one month prior to travel date.

· All the documents should be in A4 size.

· The Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey does not have any affiliation or commercial deal with any travel agencies. Any claim of travel agencies does not have any liability on the Consulate General's side.

Notes for travel agencies:

* For the incentive groups of companies, companies shall also write a cover letter including all the individuals' details, designation etc.

* Flight details (confirmed booking) and statement of bank account of the sponsor company (together with the account maintenance certificate) shall also be attached to the cover letter signed by the company.

* Legal proofof relation (employment letter, branch agreement etc.)between the applicant and the sponsor company shall alsobe provided to the Consulate.

* Attaining an appointment forany groupshallnot be regarded as a guarantee forvisa issuance toeach group member.

* Application forms of group members shall be filled and submitted with the same requirements of individual applications.

2)Visa delivery

·Visa delivery: Tuesday, Thursday 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm

3) Visa fees

·Single entry: 7.100PKR

·Multiple entry: 23.100 PKR

4)Visa refusal & Passport Withdrawn

·In case of visa refusal, the visa fee is not refundable and reapplication can be made only after 6 months.

·In case of passport withdrawn before the visa is issued, the visa fee is not refundable and reapplication can be made at any time with a new application including new visa form, necessary documents and visa fee.

· The Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey does not have any liability to share information upon the reasons of visa refusals.

5)Visa Process

· For tourist, businessthe visa process takes usually 15 days

· For education and work visa the visa process takes usually 25 days.

· For group visas the appointments are given in accordance with the workload of the Consulate and appointment requests must be made at least one month prior to travel date.

· Kindly note that the Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey reserves the right of declining to accept visa applications which are not within the time ranges stated above.

However in both cases, it can take more than expected, the applicants must submit their documents accordingly.


·Only the documents attested by the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its Karachi Camp Office can be attested. All attestation documents must be original.

·Attestation fee: 2.000PKR / page

Pakistani official passport holders are exempted from visa for their travels to Turkey up to 90 days.

Pakistani ordinary passport holders are required to have visa to enter Turkey.

Pakistani ordinary passport holders with a valid Schengen, OECD member's visa or residence permit may get their one month single entry visas online. E-visa is only valid when the purpose of travel is tourism or commerce. For work and study visas, applicants arerequired to getregular visa given by our Consulate. For furtherinformation, please follow the link on our home page and check www.evisa.gov.tr.



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